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 1.8 Update Details Leaked

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Team News
Team News

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MessaggioTitolo: 1.8 Update Details Leaked   Dom Gen 03, 2010 12:12 pm

Patch 1.8

NCSoft leaks some of their update details to get attention... thats how they roll.

These are the details... if these are applied, Zapiel's Spear will rise more in prices ^^

I took these from a server specific forum.

1.8 Update!

This is a big update, but I'll tell you a few things about it.

Leaked the information about 1.5 before that turned out to be right... so you can choose to trust me or not.

1. AP Gain System Change

Until now, if a rank 9 killed a 1 star he/she would gain more AP than a
rank 5 killing 1 star, but now if the rank difference is more than 5,
you gain less AP.
This will prevent mass suicidal kill attempts on you (if you are high rank) just to get your kill.

2. Ground Abyss

Well thats about it. Theres gonna be a ground Abyss.

3. Dredgion's Appearance

Dredgion will appear much more frequently during sieges and will take forts much more often.

Also Seed of Detection II will be added which will allow Hide II to be seen.

4. Alliance Dredgion

They say there will be a dredgion with multiple teams going in. With 3
teams on each side, but not like forming an alliance then going in like
in sieges.

5. Defensive Godstones

Theres gonna be defensive godstones. Its gonna be something like 10% proc rate heal 890 hp, 2% proc remove all CC from yourself.
These trigger not upon hitting with your weapon, but on receiving attacks.

6. Divine Abyss Points, Divine Medals

These new things can only be gained through PvP. They say these can be
gained only from other PCs. For the points you'll need to just PvP. And
theres gonna be quest to earn Divine Medals through a certain amount of
kills. Really focusing on PvP.

7. Manastones and ASPD Items change
This is for balancing, but theres gonna be a different way of being able to slot manastones.
Manastones for spear, manastones for daggers, manastones for
greatswords... are gonna have different levels of manastones available
for them. Also, items with ASPD will have a lower accuracy. Probably
because everyone looks forward to ASPD items.

8. Tezo's Instance

Like I said earlier theres gonna be ground abyss, which means there
will be forts, which also means there will be Abyss Instances. This is
not a new map, but sort of like Fire Temple/Draupnir Cave type. Mobs in
this instance will also be placed randomly each time you enter, its
gonna be challenging/annoying.

9. Item Level Upgrade

Note: I dont quite get this part, and so does this guy... but here I go

No level cap raise, but theres gonna be sort of an item upgrading
system. At level 50, you can upgrade your item so that it goes up a

I didnt quite get this part at first so I listened more

No level cap raise, but you can level your item like normal leveling your character and it will upgrade.

Something like 3 levels... like level one will have 300 atk, level two
will have 350, level three 400. Same weapon, but get more out of it.

fonte http://www.aionsource.com/forum/aion-discussion/99779-translation-1-8-update-details-leaked.html
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Team Admin
Team Admin

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: 1.8 Update Details Leaked   Dom Gen 03, 2010 11:39 pm

thx koko

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1.8 Update Details Leaked
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